Akciós termékek
Cikkszám: COBECO0258
Készlet: Előrendelés
4 090 Ft
Nettó: 3 220 Ft
Hűségpontért megvásárolható: 3063

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Bull Power Delay Gel prevents a premature ejaculation, provides more control and gives the ability to enjoy long lasting sexual intercourse.

More than 60 percent of men suffer from a premature ejaculation, not to forget their partners. This unique product offers the solution; the slight anesthetic effect helps to delay an ejaculation.

Apply a desired amount and massage directly onto the penis before the intercourse. The gel has a light texture making it easy to spread out onto the skin and contains natural extracts.
Metha Piperita Oil provides a cooling and slightly numbing effect. Laureth-9 and Avena Sativa Kernal also have a slight anesthetic effect and help to delay a premature ejaculation.
It can delay ejaculation and the discharge of semen for as long as 30 minutes.

Termékcsoport gel