Akciós termékek
Cikkszám: COBECO0166
Készlet: Készleten
2 790 Ft
Nettó: 2 197 Ft
Hűségpontért megvásárolható: 1974


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This tempting Eau de Toilette contains a balanced combination of ingredients which have the same effect as pheromones.
PheroMen has a fresh and masculine undertone and stimulates the sensual desire in women.

Mysterious scentless chemical factor that creates positive responds to your environment.
They are natural erotic aromas which have a psychological arousing effect and invisible to the naked eye.
Through body scent we subconsciously, receive a special feeling about that man or woman.
The own body aroma is undetectable to the human nose, but is detected by the subconsciousness. 
Get more tips, smiles, compliments and maybe even find that special someone with the help of the pheromones.

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